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  • How can I be more energy efficient? There are a number of things you can do to be more energy efficient. Replacing your bulbs with more energy efficient light bulbs, such as CFLs or LEDs. You can also put timers or photo-eyes on your lights which will lessen the time the lights are on. Also, replacing your appliances with more energy efficient models may make your home more energy efficient.
  • Where do I need GFCI protection? Gfci protectors are installed to ensure that the circuit trips when it detects a hazardous voltage to ground. They are needed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages and exterior receptacles.
  • How many smoke detectors do I need? Requirements for the number of smoke detectors you need in your home are based on your local code. It is my opinion that seconds save lives, therefore there should be a smoke detector in each bedroom, one outside of the bedrooms within 6 feet of the door, one in each of the other living areas and a smoke/carbon detector on each level. It is best for all of the detectors to be interconnected and have battery backups. If you have an attached garage I would recommend having a heat detector.  And always change batteries every 6 months and replace unit every 10-12 years or as directed on the specific brand.
  • What are arc fault breakers? Arc fault breakers have been designed as a safety measure for your circuit panel. The purpose of an arc fault breaker is to sense a spark which will automatically shut off the power to whatever is linked to the specific breaker in your panel.
  • What is surge protection?Surge protection is a sensing device most commonly used for sensitive electronics, such as your computer. They sense a surge of power that could be sent through the utility lines or generator power. There are also surge protectors that can be installed into your house panel which will protect your entire home.
  • Half of the outlets in my room stopped working, what should I do? First check your panel for tripped circuit breakers. Commonly that is represented by a breaker in the middle position. Switch the breaker to the off position and then move it to the on position. If you find the circuit is still off, check for a tripped ground fault outlet (Gfci), typically found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages and outdoors. Once the Gfci is located, reset it and check for power. If still no power, contact me for further diagnosis. 
  • What is Home Automation Systems? A home automation system networks selected devices and appliances in your home providing you with instant control of all of them. This system can be set to your personal preferences, schedules and themes. A smarter home not only gives you convenience and ease but also safety and security.
  • Can homeowners do their own electrical work on their residence? Yes, as long as it is their primary residence, but permits and inspection may still be required. Absolute Power does provide assistance and support to those “do it yourself” homeowners with onsite service and guidance.
  • Does my barn require different electrical needs? If your barn houses livestock or livestock feed there are different electrical requirements. This variation in code is based on safety measures for both the animals and the structure. 














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