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Go Green!

Reduce your carbon footprint by taking steps to lower your energy consumption by using natural resources. Cutting edge technological advancements have created a whole new way for you to achieve this goal.

Renewable Energy: Absolute Power has the resources to help you get your home or business set up with any of the following renewable energy sources: (Plus, there may be tax credits available towards these investments as well as credits from the power company)


    Photovoltaic power comes from the use of solar energy and can be used in your home or business. Solar energy is converted into household power using solar panels. The panels may be purchased in various wattages in order to get the right amount for your needs.

    Wind Turbines

    Wind turbines utilize the natural airstreams to energize your home or business and the power you get is solely based on the winds velocity. The size of the turbine will depend on the amount of power you need it to create.

Light Retrofitting Absolute Power can help you reduce your carbon footprint by swapping out your older inefficient light fixtures or by replacing high consumption light bulbs with more efficient bulbs

    Commercial buildings, multi-family units, and non-profits have the opportunity to receive rebates when replacing high energy consumption lights with more efficient lighting.


    As a homeowner you may see a decrease in the power bill when non-efficient light bulbs are replaced with LED or CLF bulbs.

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